Piney Woods Elementary Celebrates Student of the Month: Annie Mack Seawell

Annie Mack Seawell was proudly recognized as Piney Woods Elementary School’s Student of the Month during the Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club’s November meeting. This accolade is a tribute to Annie’s exceptional kindness, self-confidence, and unwavering commitment to doing what is right.

Annie’s standout qualities include her genuine kindness, making a positive impact on both peers and educators. Her remarkable self-confidence serves as an inspiration, creating a supportive environment within Piney Woods Elementary.

Annie’s strength of character shines through in her commitment to doing what is right, even in challenging situations. Her moral compass guides her actions, making her not only a model student but a beacon of integrity for her peers.

The Student of the Month recognition at Piney Woods Elementary goes beyond academic achievements, focusing on values such as kindness, confidence, and integrity. Annie Mack Seawell’s acknowledgment reflects her positive influence on the school community.

Annie’s achievements were celebrated at the Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club’s November meeting, highlighting her positive impact on Piney Woods Elementary. The entire school community extends congratulations to Annie Mack Seawell for this well-deserved recognition.

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