Chapin Chamber Recognizes Excellence: Teacher and Student of the Month at Chapin Intermediate School

In a celebration of outstanding contributions to the Chapin community, Chapin Intermediate School proudly announces Dr. Sandra Markowitz and Parker Ray as the Chapin Chamber’s Teacher and Student of the Month.

Dr. Sandra Markowitz: Digital Integration Specialist and Problem Solver

Chapin Intermediate School is honored to name Dr. Sandra Markowitz as the Teacher of the Month. Serving as the school’s Digital Integration Specialist and holding the prestigious title of Teacher of the Year, Dr. Markowitz embodies dedication and problem-solving skills. Principal Brent Davis expresses his gratitude, stating, “She serves on any committee she is asked to and is always lending a hand to me, her coworkers, and her students. We are fortunate to have her on our team.”

Parker Ray: A Student Leader with a Heart for Community

The Student of the Month, Parker Ray, is a shining example of leadership at Chapin Intermediate. Actively involved in the student council and serving as the student representative on the PTO, Parker’s dedication to community initiatives is commendable. Principal Brent Davis commends Parker, stating, “She recently presented to the PTO about a student fundraiser to raise funds for new playground equipment. The event was very successful and accomplished the goal. She is an A student whose smile glows in the hallway. She is a leader in our school, and we are lucky to have her at Chapin Intermediate.”

A Community of Excellence

The Chapin Chamber’s Teacher and Student of the Month program highlights the exceptional individuals contributing to the excellence of Chapin Intermediate School. Dr. Sandra Markowitz and Parker Ray’s contributions exemplify the spirit of leadership, dedication, and community engagement that defines the Chapin community.

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