Chapin High School Celebrates Senior Night

Unforgettable Moments from Jan. 26 Doubleheader

By Thomas Grant, Jr.

In a ceremony held between the doubleheader on January 26 against Lexington, Chapin High School paid tribute to its senior boys and girls basketball players and staff, creating a memorable Senior Night experience for all.

The senior boys, Weston Brueng, Daniel Melvin, Cayman Collins, Josh Flowers, Jonah Vedrel, Jake Peterson, and Bryson Welch-Geiger, were recognized for their dedication, leadership, and contributions to the Chapin High School basketball program. Each senior received an acknowledgment, surrounded by the cheers and support of teammates, coaches, friends, and family.

The Senior Night ceremony continued with a special recognition for the senior girls, Jules Brown and Mary-Kate Tisdale. These outstanding athletes were honored for their commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, and their significant roles in the success of the Chapin High School girls’ basketball team.

The Jan. 26 doubleheader was a celebration of the unity and camaraderie that define Chapin High School sports. The Senior Night ceremony added a layer of sentimentality to the evening, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, leadership, and the bonds forged on and off the court.

Chapin High School extends its congratulations and gratitude to the senior boys, senior girls, and their families for their commitment and contributions to the basketball program. As these seniors embark on the next chapters of their lives, they leave behind a legacy of excellence that will be remembered by the Chapin community.

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