Chapin Elementary School Boosts D5 Foundation with Generous Donation

The D5 Foundation received a substantial contribution from Chapin Elementary School. The Chapin Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) demonstrated their commitment to community well-being by generously donating 10% of the proceeds from their annual Boosterthon Fun Run.

The donation exceeded $4,800 and is earmarked to support the D5 Foundation’s Snack Pack Program. This program focuses on providing nourishment to children in the district, addressing food insecurity issues within the community.

A photograph captures the essence of this collaboration, featuring key contributors from both organizations. The image includes Krista Schaefer (CES PTO Secretary), Ashley Olsen (CES PTO Treasurer), Michelle Fabrizio (CES PTO President), Scott Jones (D5 Foundation President), Jess Hutchinson (CES Principal), Amy Sgorrano (CES Assistant Principal), and Emily Nash (CES 23/24 Teacher of the Year).

The partnership between Chapin Elementary School and the D5 Foundation exemplifies the power of collective efforts in supporting vital community initiatives. The Boosterthon Fun Run not only fostered a spirit of wellness and camaraderie among students but also showcased the school’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond the classroom.

Photo Credit: Krista Schaefer

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