Merrell Johnson Honored as Volunteer of the Year with Donald-Harding Service Award

In a heartfelt recognition of unwavering dedication and passion, Merrell Johnson has been named the recipient of the prestigious Donald-Harding Service Award. This distinguished accolade is bestowed upon a volunteer who not only showcases reliability and longevity but also embodies a deep commitment to the mission of Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. (Mirci).

Merrell Johnson’s journey with Mirci has been nothing short of inspiring. Starting as a dedicated volunteer through Leadership Columbia, Johnson’s impact has been transformative. Having served as Mirci’s Marketing and development Officer, Johnson continues to be a steadfast advocate for all initiatives associated with Mirci across the Midlands.

Julie Ann Avin, President, and CEO of Mirci expressed, “Merrell is the gift that keeps giving. From starting as a volunteer with Mirci through Leadership Columbia to working as Mirci’s Marketing & Development Officer, and now as a steadfast advocate for all things Mirci throughout the Midlands.”

This accolade not only recognizes Merrell Johnson’s pivotal role in furthering Mirci’s mission but also celebrates the selfless spirit and dedication that characterize outstanding volunteers. Merrell Johnson stands as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that a genuine commitment to a cause can create a lasting and positive impact on the community.

As Merrell Johnson receives the Donald-Harding Service Award, the entire Mirci community and the Midlands at large join in expressing gratitude for the invaluable contributions that continue to make a difference in the lives of those touched by mental health challenges.

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