Library Kicks-Off Adult Summer Reading Program with Murder Mystery Lock-In

By Kelly Weber

The game’s afoot! The Chapin Branch Library hosted its second annual Murder Mystery Lock-In on June 5.

Patrons used their investigative skills to figure out the geology-themed crime  “Bedrock Betrayal: A Geologist’s Final Layers” created by Josie Seacrist and Vickie Stockman. After the library closed, the room full of eager mystery lovers listened to Seacrist describe details about the case and how to start solving the crime. Beginning in small groups, detectives looked for clues hidden throughout the public areas of the library. After uncovering these tips, everyone worked as a large group to collaborate and figure out which of the suspects, all Chapin Branch Library employees, was the guilty criminal and their motive.

Figuring out the caper was both educational and immersive as everyone utilized teamwork to solve this fun whodunit. It was apparent that Seacrist and Stockman put a lot of time and creative effort into making such an entertaining murder mystery for the Chapin community. What a great way for the adults to kick-off their summer reading program, Adventure Begins at Your Library!

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