Free Library Cards for Lex/Rich 5 Students

Lexington County, SC – Exciting news for students in Lexington-Richland School District Five! The Lexington County Public Library (LCPL) Board of Trustees has recently updated its library card policy to provide easier and free access to library cards for students in the district. This initiative allows students to benefit from the library’s extensive resources without incurring the typical annual fee of $35 for non-residents of Lexington County.

Key Benefits of the Updated Policy

  • Free Library Cards: Students from primary or secondary schools in Lexington-Richland School District Five, regardless of their actual county of residence, are now eligible for a free LCPL card. This can help them save money on book purchases, access a wide range of online resources, and support their educational pursuits.

  • Easy Application Process: To obtain a library card, students can present various forms of school identification, such as a school ID, report card, or any official school document verifying their attendance in the district.

Steps to Get a Library Card

  1. For Students Aged 14 and Under:
    • Require a parent, legal guardian, or another responsible adult’s signature.
  2. For Students Aged 15 and Up:
    • Can independently apply by presenting valid identification (school ID, driver’s license, or other forms of ID) to verify their identity and address.
    • If they don’t have personal identification, an adult family member can provide the necessary verification.

Annual Renewal

  • Continued Eligibility: To maintain their free library card, students must renew it annually by providing updated proof of their continued eligibility, ensuring they remain active users of the library’s services.

Contact and Further Information

  • Local Branch Contact: For additional details on how to obtain a library card or to explore the wide range of resources available, visit the Lexington County Public Library’s website at or contact the Chapin branch at (803) 345-5479.

Important Note

  • Eligibility Exclusivity: The free library card benefit is strictly for students and does not extend to their relatives or other household members.

This policy change opens up new educational opportunities for students, encouraging a greater engagement with the library’s resources, and supporting academic success across the Lexington-Richland School District Five community.

By updating its library card policy, the Lexington County Public Library is making a significant investment in the educational advancement of students in the region, demonstrating a commitment to accessibility and community support.

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