Lexington County deputy honored by SC sheriffs

A Lexington County deputy, who endured a harrowing incident in the line of duty, has been honored with the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association’s Medal of Valor.

Deputy Jacob Smith, who bravely confronted danger while responding to a home invasion in Lexington last September, was the deserving recipient of this distinguished award.

“Jacob acted bravely and selflessly when he found himself in an intense situation last year,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “Even as his recovery continues, Jacob continues to embody what makes him a great law enforcement officer…the willingness to help others and serve his community.”

During the incident, Smith took fire from an assailant who tragically took the life of a woman with whom he had a prior relationship. Sheriff Koon expressed pride in Jacob’s resilience and lauded his efforts for receiving the Medal of Valor, emphasizing that Smith’s quick and courageous response not only shielded fellow deputies but likely prevented further loss of life.

The recognition ceremony took place on Thursday at the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association’s winter conference and banquet in Columbia, where Deputy Jacob Smith’s exemplary service was acknowledged and celebrated by his peers.

Pictured left to right: Capt. Jenn Burns, Sheriff Koon, Smith, Smith’s wife, Stephanie, and Chief Deputy Gregg Shockley.

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