Lake Murray Blvd. and St. Andrews intersection to close for a week

The busiest intersection in the Town of Irmo will be closed from Monday, Aug. 7 until Friday, Aug. 11. Signs went up around Irmo on Monday alerting the public that the crossroads of Lake Murray Blvd. and St. Andrews Rd. will be closed for a week. That intersection had experienced a water main break that has led to intermittent closures over the past month. Now, according to the SC Department of Transportation and the City of Columbia, the intersection will have to be closed for final repairs and paving. “The City of Columbia owns the water main under the roads and they will be replacing a 100-foot stretch of pipe so that this inconvenience hopefully will not happen again,” said Courtney Dennis, Irmo Town Administrator. “We’re glad the work is getting done before the school season begins.”

SCDOT will repave the roads after the repairs have been completed. If all goes well the closure may only last three days.

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