District Five announces science fair winners

School District Five has announced its science fair winners. The events were held at Dutch Fork High School.

The Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School Science Fair took place February 10, and the High School Science and Engineering Fair took place February 24.

The District Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School Science Fair had 72 projects representing the fields of Earth and Environmental Science, Math and Engineering, Life Science, and Physical Science.

One hundred students from 11 schools were chosen to participate. The District High School Science and Engineering Fair had 41 projects representing the fields of Earth and Environmental Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Math and Engineering, and Human, Behavioral, and Social Science. Fifty-four students from the district’s 4 high schools and the Center for Advanced Technical Studies (The Center) participated.

The following is a list of the 2024 School District Five elementary, intermediate and middle school science fair winners:

Elementary School Level 


1st Place: Breccan Barber (Harbison West Elementary)- The Bridge Conundrum


1st Place: Amalia Tuggy, Karis Perz & Paige Brunson (Dutch Fork Elementary)- Far Side Flashlight

Honorable Mention: Samantha James (Chapin Intermediate)- Water Retention in Soil

Life Science

1st Place: Tsubaki Shimamura (Harbison West Elementary)-Plant Growth with Light

2nd Place: Emily Haase (Oak Pointe Elementary)- The Power of Eggs

3rd Place: Gianna Thomas & Moira Dawson (River Springs Elementary)-The Speed Riding Race

Physical Science

1st Place: Serenity Sherrod (H. E. Corley Elementary)-Flamin’ Hot Fabrics

2nd Place: Anna Haley (Chapin Intermediate)-Insulating Properties

Intermediate/Middle School Level


1st Place: Jasmine Weber (CrossRoads Intermediate)-Popsicle Bridges


1st Place: Lyla Granite (Irmo Middle)- Banana Peel Fertilizing Water

2nd Place: Bayan Yousefian (CrossRoads Intermediate)-From Dirty to Clean

Honorable Mention: Josiah Wood (CrossRoads Intermediate)-To Clean or Not to Clean

Life Science

1st Place: Mustafa Azhar (Dutch Fork Middle)-Effect of Wildlife Ash and Alcohol on Zebrafish Embryos

2nd Place: Ella Davis (Chapin Middle)-Hydration Sensation

3rd Place: Hannah Beth Berley (Irmo Middle) Cookie Time II: A Mostly Glutten-free Saga

Honorable Mention: Adelyn Othersen (Chapin Intermediate)-The Effect of Heat on Hand Sanitizer

Physical Science

2nd Place: Parker Dhotre (Irmo Middle)-Keep it Cool

3rd Place: Joshua Ruppe (CrossRoads Intermediate)-The Pain Relief Race

High School Level


1st Place: De’Mas Limehouse (The Center & Irmo High) and Grayson Zammiello (The Center & Chapin High)-Crutch Up

2nd Place: Brynn Froeschner, Maciej Karwowski (The Center & Chapin High), and Jayden Williams-Marshall (The Center & Dutch Fork High)-Smart Dog Feeder

3rd Place: Hunter Majka and Joah Schaefer (The Center & Chapin High)-Tranquil Tails

Earth/Environmental, Life Science, and Physical Science

1st Place: Summit Wood (Chapin High)- Pollution

2nd Place: Margaret Norton (The Center & Chapin High)- Coliform Bacteria in Freshwater Recreational Bodies of Water in Chapin, SC

3rd Place: Jazmia Baker (The Center & Spring Hill High) – Are Bluetooth Devices Producing Harmful Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation?

Human/Behavioral/Social Science

1st Place: Maya Turner (Chapin High)-Parallel Symptoms in Neurodivergent Adolescents

2nd Place: Yewon Oh (Chapin High)-Analyzing the Access and Impacts Different Levels of Walkability Gives in Two Geographical Locations

3rd Place: Reagan Sherrard (Chapin High)-To what extent does collective psychological ownership affect high schoolers’ acceptance of outsiders 

“I am so proud of this year’s Science Fair winners and award recipients as we had an incredible amount of talent displayed at each event,” School District Five Coordinator of Science and Health Nickie Powell said. “I was thoroughly impressed by all of the students’ ideas and level of creativity they utilized to solve problems and provide solutions. This year’s events were truly inspiring.”

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