District Five Announces 2024-2025 Teachers and Support Employees of the Year

Lexington-Richland School District Five recently announced the exceptional educators and support staff members who have been selected as the Teachers and Support Employees of the Year for the 2024-2025 school year. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to their roles, making a positive impact on students and the school community.

Teachers of the Year:

  1. Jill Chapman (Academy For Success)
  2. Jim Doty (Adult Education)
  3. Kaylyn Edmondson (Ballentine Elementary)
  4. Michael Diaz (Center for Advanced Technical Studies)
  5. Leah Frick (Chapin Elementary)
  6. Robert Schiferl (Chapin High)
  7. Michelle Lanfear (Chapin Intermediate)
  8. Reggie Salazar (Chapin Middle)
  9. Todd Nelson (CrossRoads Intermediate)
  10. Glenna Shealy (Dutch Fork Elementary)
  11. Kelly Eckstrom (Dutch Fork High)
  12. Yvonne Baxter (Dutch Fork Middle)
  13. Gayle Whitlock (FIVE)
  14. April Session (H. E. Corley Elementary)
  15. Caroline Blevins (Harbison West Elementary)
  16. Amanda Parker (Irmo Elementary)
  17. Eric Coleman (Irmo High)
  18. Amanda Neel (Irmo Middle)
  19. Cait Kelper (Lake Murray Elementary)
  20. Chris Austin (Leaphart Elementary)
  21. Sherrell Blankenship-Brown (Nursery Road Elementary)
  22. Alyssa Powers (Oak Pointe Elementary)
  23. Rebecca “Becca” Magni (Piney Woods Elementary)
  24. Taylor Gepper (River Springs Elementary)
  25. Heather Brace (Seven Oaks Elementary)
  26. Kellie Masone (Spring Hill High)

Support Employees of the Year:

  1. Elizabeth Dewalt (Academy For Success)
  2. Bonita Harkness (Adult Education)
  3. Pam Hamilton (Ballentine Elementary)
  4. Sandy Ellisor (Center for Advanced Technical Studies)
  5. Cheryl Bowman (Chapin Elementary)
  6. Holley Barfield (Chapin High)
  7. Alicia Gregory (Chapin Intermediate)
  8. Katey Munniks (Chapin Middle)
  9. Shakia Williams (CrossRoads Intermediate)
  10. Barrett Isbell (District Office)
  11. Cissy Graham (Dutch Fork Elementary)
  12. Ian Greene (Dutch Fork High)
  13. Bryan Bush (Dutch Fork Middle)
  14. Rebecca Washington (FIVE)
  15. Fabian Ruff (H. E. Corley Elementary)
  16. John Dunlap (Harbison West Elementary)
  17. Tiffany McVey (Irmo Elementary)
  18. Cindy Zakhar (Irmo High)
  19. Nicole Drayton (Irmo Middle)
  20. Jessica Berry (Lake Murray Elementary)
  21. Duncan Burry (Leaphart Elementary)
  22. Tracy Tomlin (Nursery Road Elementary)
  23. Kristen Green (Oak Pointe Elementary)
  24. Heather Woods (Piney Woods Elementary)
  25. Penny Bradley (River Springs Elementary)
  26. Inge Ginsburg (Seven Oaks Elementary)
  27. Jennifer Gallagher (Spring Hill High)
  28. Manuel RioJas (Transportation)

School District Five Superintendent Dr. Akil E. Ross, Sr., expressed pride in recognizing these outstanding educators and support employees, acknowledging their dedicated service to students, families, and the community. Congratulations and thanks were extended to them for their exceptional contributions.

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