Withdrawn annexation request halts Smallwood Cove

The ambitious 90 plus acre land development at Lake Murray is now off the table due to the withdrawal of an annexation request.

The attorney for the landowners has called a halt to the Smallwood Cove development along the shores of Lake Murray near Dreher Shoals Dam slated to begin construction in 2 years. The attorney released a statement from the landowner saying that “the annexation and zoning process has overshadowed the thoughtful plans that would have opened up community access to this beautiful location.”

Smallwood Cove boasted a marina, restaurants, a conference center and two hotels along with retail outlets. Nearly 1,100 homes, condos and townhouses were part of the development. The plan was projected to take 15 years to come to fruition and with costs nearing 750 million.
The project was highly contested by many residents who felt that heavy traffic and congestion would have a negative impact on the area.

By withdrawing their annexation requests the Town of Lexington’s Planning Commission will no longer consider the proposal.

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