Wilson statement on visit to southern border

Congressman Joe Wilson issued the following statement on his visit to the Southern Border at the Del Rio Sector in Eagle Pass, Texas:

“Today, I joined Speaker Mike Johnson and Republican colleagues from 26 states and American Samoa, in visiting the Southern Border at the Del Rio Sector in Eagle Pass, Texas. What I witnessed and heard was madness. Each month these border agents alone are being overwhelmed with thousands of unaccompanied children and tens of thousands of aliens crossing illegally. Since Biden took office, there have been over seven million illegal crossings at the Southern Border, including more than 300 on the terrorist watchlist, and nearly two million illegal aliens who were not caught. Biden’s continued failure to secure the border allows drug smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorists to enter our country, with terrorist attacks imminent anywhere in America. Biden and Democrats in Congress are turning a blind eye to these dangers and must follow the lead of Republicans, putting American families first.”

Photo: Congressman Wilson with Speaker Johnson, Republican colleagues, and law enforcement officials at the Southern Border in Eagle Pass, Texas.

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