SCDOT Seeks Public Input for Momentum 2050 Plan

Columbia, SC (June, 2024) – The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is inviting public input on the future of transportation in South Carolina through its multimodal transportation survey as part of the Momentum 2050 plan. This statewide initiative aims to shape the future of South Carolina’s transportation network.

SCDOT is evaluating the most effective ways to move people and goods across the state amidst various changes in population, communities, businesses, environment, safety, and travel behavior. Proactive planning is essential to develop a multimodal transportation system that enhances the safety of people, the environment, and the economy.

Every five years, SCDOT updates its plan for the state’s multimodal transportation network. This comprehensive plan, which spans twenty-five years, addresses all users, modes, and areas involved in South Carolina’s transportation system. While it does not specify particular projects or locations, it sets forth the vision and goals for the future of transportation in the state.

“This is a way for South Carolinians to get involved in the way we move people and goods across the state. We want to hear from you on the future of transportation in South Carolina,” said Secretary of Transportation Justin Powell.

Residents can participate in the survey and learn more about Momentum 2050 by visiting the SCDOT website.


The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) oversees the state’s network of highways and bridges, including planning, design, construction, financing, and roadway safety. To meet the needs of South Carolina’s growing economy and population, SCDOT has developed a Strategic 10-Year Plan focusing on improvements to the state’s highway and bridge systems. For more information, visit



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