Our children’s education

Open Letter

Dear Editor,

I am a 30 year Irmo resident, and I am writing because I’m very concerned about our children’s education.

I am a lifelong advocate for education, a former teacher, and a long-time resident of South Carolina. Working with my grandchildren has opened my eyes to the fact that math, science, and reading aren’t as highly valued anymore, and the focus in our schools is increasingly shifting to controversial social issues.

As a result our nation is slipping in the ranks and losing our competitive edge. We need a president who will take education back to the basics. Our students deserve a solid education to enable their future success, and I know Nikki Haley will get us back on track because I saw her do it as our governor. During her tenure, she implemented reading remediation and after school programs for struggling students. She made sure our schools prioritized the basics, that reading was a priority for all students, and that our teachers and administrators were not hampered by the woke ideology. She has repeatedly said and I believe that she will bring that same educational focus and direction to the rest of America. If we elect her as President, our children and grandchildren will be prepared to be the future leaders we need for this country. Her educational agenda is the only one I have confidence in, and I hope you will publish my letter to your readers. 

Thank you, 

Robin Spires

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