Local third grader goes surfing

Brooke a third-grade student at Chapin Elementary School (CES) with autism got a chance to go surfing at Folly Beach recently.

She’s participated in Surfers Healing for the past two years.

Surfers Healing’s mission is to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the experience of surfing.

This year Brooke paddled out on a surfboard with surfer Kat and together they waited for the perfect wave. After a few attempts, they made it up on the board and Kat held Brooke as the two of them rode to the shore.

Back on the shore after her surfing time, Brooke, along with all the other surfers that day, received a medal and a trophy for her skills on the waves.

Every year, hundreds of families living with autism come to South Carolina to participate in the Surfers Healing camp as part of the national Surfers Healing tour. The surfers are hand-selected from all over the world by founder Izzy Paskowitz based on their ability to surf, but also the ability to work with and lift an autistic child of all sizes on a surfboard at the same time.

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