Lake Murray Hosts TV Steak Competition

BAMA-Q TV’s Grilling on the Lake steak cookoff took place at the Lexington Lake Murray Dam Public Park, September 29-30.

The event was hosted by Capital City/Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board (CCLMC) and is a sanctioned Steak Cookoff Association’s World Championship Qualifying event.

The two-day grilling event brought together chefs from across the country including North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. The event began September 29 with the Cook What You Catch grilling event. Local Boat Captains, Lee Thomas and Dale Gossett took the Chefs out on the water. The participants then had to demonstrate their skills by showcasing dishes prepared with their freshly caught striped bass. Catherine Alford Noble (Tennessee) took home first place.

The heat turned up on September 30 with a steak cookoff, where the participants showcased their expertise in grilling the perfect steak. Tim Coble (North Carolina) won first place in the Steak A competition. Russell Wright (Georgia) won the Steak B competition, with Chuck Register (North Carolina) claiming the People’s Choice Award for his steak. Noble won again in the Anything Peanut challenge for her Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich. Finally, Kala Thomas (North Carolina) took home the winning prize for her Peach Cobbler Cheesecake Bars, in the peach cobbler showdown.

The nationally televised show is set to premiere in early 2024 on Bama-Q TV, available on Roku TV, Glewed TV, YouTube, DB TV, Heartland, Action Channel, The Family Channel, and RCN Television. Shorter snippets of the show will premiere leading up to the full premiere on Bama-Q and Capital City/Lake Murray Country’s social media networks.

Bama-Q is a TV show dedicated to the world of Food Sport. Beginning in 2021, Bama-Q and Alabama Coasting joined the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) and created the Bama-Q Grilling Challenge Series.

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