Lake Murray Gears Up to Host 2024 Kayak Fishing Championships

In an exciting development for our local angling community, Lake Murray has been chosen as the stage for two major kayak fishing championships in 2024. Organized by the Capital City/Lake Murray Country (CCLMC), these events promise to bring elite kayak anglers to our beloved waters, showcasing the region’s prowess as a premier fishing destination.

Upcoming Championships:

  1. USA Kayak Fishing Team Qualifier: Scheduled for April 25-28, this event is an invitational for the nation’s top kayak anglers. They’ll be competing not only for recognition but for a chance to secure a spot on the 2024 Pan American team, representing the USA on Lake Murray. The stakes are high as winners will also earn a ticket to the 2024 Kayak Fishing World Championship in Italy.

  2. Pan American Kayak Fishing Championship: Following in September from the 26th to the 29th, this championship will feature teams from across the Americas, converging on Lake Murray for a test of skill, strategy, and determination.

Lake Murray has a track record of success in hosting international fishing tournaments. In 2022, CCLMC and USAngling made history by hosting the record-breaking 2022 Black Bass World Championship, attracting participants from an impressive 25 nations. The success of these events underscores the region’s commitment to supporting national fishing teams and its capability to organize top-notch fishing tournaments.

Tournament kayak fishing is on the rise, and Lake Murray’s famed waters are set to provide a unique experience for America’s kayak anglers. As the sport gains popularity, our community eagerly anticipates the opportunity to witness top-tier competitors navigate the challenges of our picturesque lake.

Showcasing Our Region: CCLMC President/CEO Miriam Atria expresses excitement about the upcoming championships and the chance to showcase our region to participants. The events not only bring a sense of pride to our local fishing community but also highlight the natural beauty and appeal of Lake Murray.

As we look forward to these championships, our small town on the shores of Lake Murray is poised to become a focal point for kayak fishing enthusiasts. The local community is ready to welcome competitors, spectators, and anyone eager to witness the thrill of elite kayak fishing on our home turf.

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