Jolly Breakfast Festivity as Santa Dines at Carolina Wings in Ballentine

Carolina Wings played host to a heartwarming event on December 2, as Santa himself made a special appearance at the River Springs Elementary PTO’s Polar Express and Breakfast with Santa. This marks the sixth consecutive year that Carolina Wings has opened its doors to over 350 adults and children from the elementary school, providing a delightful pancake breakfast.

Kids at the Cocoa Bar

The festive affair welcomed students ranging from 4k to fifth grade, transforming Carolina Wings into a cozy haven of holiday cheer. The restaurant buzzed with joy as the young attendees indulged in a delectable spread, including a cocoa bar, fluffy pancakes, savory sausages, and other delightful goodies.

Flapjacks stacked up as Bob Kamphaus provided the flipping duties. More than 1000 pancakes were served along with nearly 500 sausages.

Carolina Wings’ commitment to fostering community spirit and spreading holiday joy was evident as families gathered to share the magic of the season. The Polar Express and Breakfast with Santa event has become a cherished tradition, creating lasting memories for the young learners of River Springs Elementary.

Santa listened to all the children’s wishes for the holiday and visited many a family at their tables.

The aroma of warm pancakes, the laughter of excited children, and the sight of Santa mingling with families painted a scene of pure holiday enchantment at Carolina Wings in Ballentine. Here’s to the spirit of giving and togetherness during this festive season!

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