Embrace Community Spirit at the Annual Groundhog Ball

By Nicholle Burroughs, Chair of Greater Chapin Community Foundation

The Annual Groundhog Ball Fundraiser, hosted by the Greater Chapin Community Foundation, promises an enchanting evening that goes beyond glamour – it embodies the strength and unity of the Chapin community. Taking place on February 2 at the Cotton Press in Little Mountain, this event offers live music, delectable food, an open bar, and the presentation of prestigious awards: the Louetta Slice Philanthropist of the Year and the Bud Lewandowski Youth Philanthropist of the Year.

As the popularity of the Groundhog Ball continues to soar, so does its positive impact. Residents attending, contributing, and celebrating together not only endorse local initiatives but also fortify the bonds that make Chapin an extraordinary place to reside. This ball, eagerly anticipated, not only showcases the vibrant local culture but also stands as a significant fundraising initiative for the foundation’s community projects.

The Greater Chapin Community Foundation, established as an endowment, is dedicated to elevating philanthropy in the Greater Chapin area. The foundation aims to create a lasting impact by constructing a permanently endowed fund to address both current and future community needs. Through the annual Chapin Philanthropy Awards, GCCF acknowledges and celebrates those contributing to the community’s betterment. Since 2003, the GCCF has endowed over $575,000 for the community’s future, awarding over $195,000 in grants to more than 38 different Greater Chapin nonprofit organizations.

Secure your tickets for this community-centric event on Eventbrite, at Town Hall, or through Scott Hanners State Farm. All checks should be made payable to the Greater Chapin Community Foundation. Let’s come together to celebrate and support the flourishing spirit of our Chapin community at the Groundhog Ball.

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