District Five Students Shine at Region 2 Band Clinic

A group of talented students from Lexington-Richland School District Five showcased their musical skills at the Region 2 Band clinic held on February 23-24 at Lexington High School. The event featured students from various schools within the district, including Chapin High, Chapin Middle, Dutch Fork High, Dutch Fork Middle, Irmo Middle, and Irmo High.

The participating students, selected through auditions, had the opportunity to perform and refine their musical talents under the guidance of experienced clinicians. The Region 2 Band clinic provided a platform for these dedicated musicians to showcase their skills, collaborate with peers, and enhance their overall musical abilities.

School District Five students include: Dialan Alvarez (Irmo Middle), Catherine Bailey (Dutch Fork Middle), Jacob Baker (Chapin High), Owen Bedford (Dutch Fork High), Brayden Berner (Chapin High), Addison Biehl (Dutch Fork Middle), Braydon Blackmon (Chapin High), Summer Branham (Dutch Fork High), Ali Brown (Chapin Middle), Ella Brown (Chapin High), Ellie Rose Brownfield (Chapin High), Isabel Brownfield (Chapin Middle), Wyatt Calhoun (Irmo High), Devan Campbell (Chapin Middle), Jai Campbell (Chapin High), Juliette Chang (Dutch Fork Middle), Kendall Brown (Chapin High), MaKenzy Clayton (Chapin High), Catie Coats (Dutch Fork High), Charlie Coats (Dutch Fork High), Jacob Corley (Chapin Middle), Bryson Couto (Chapin Middle), Bryce Cuzmar (Dutch Fork High), Canaan Dantzler (Dutch Fork High), Shaina Dashiell (Chapin High), Madden Deal (Dutch Fork High), Sylvia Dobbe (Dutch Fork High), Evan Downs (Chapin High), Xavier Eskew (Irmo Middle), Alex Esparza (Chapin High), Rocco Femia (Chapin Middle), Langston Ginn (Dutch Fork High), Abby Green (Irmo High), Jay Grondell (Dutch Fork Middle), Ethne Guidry (Chapin High), Ben Haley (Chapin High), David Hardaway-Frazier (Dutch Fork High), Zay Hardy (Dutch Fork Middle), Benjamin Hickman (Dutch Fork High), Peyton Halligan (Irmo High), Jeanette Hickman (Dutch Fork Middle), Garet Holland (Chapin Middle), Grace Jang (Chapin Middle), Seth Jerideau (Dutch Fork Middle), Brayden Jordan (Chapin Middle), James Kellahan (Chapin High), Ahmad Kelly (Dutch Fork Middle), James Kim (Dutch Fork Middle), Adam Knight (Chapin High), Amelia Leon (Chapin High), Bergen Leon (Chapin High), Ethan McCoy (Dutch Fork High), Isabella McNeil (Chapin Middle), Reid MacGrayne (Dutch Fork Middle), Jayden Martin (Dutch Fork Middle), Caleb Neese (Dutch Fork High), Connor Noble (Dutch Fork High), Jungwon Oh (Chapin Middle), Ewan Park (Dutch Fork High), Kennedy Parker (Irmo High), Nicholas Patterson (Dutch Fork High), Connor Peak (Dutch Fork High), Lucas Pearson (Chapin High), Elijah Perz (Dutch Fork High), Payton Quillen (Dutch Fork High), Wallace Reid (Dutch Fork High), Adaisha Roberts (Dutch Fork Middle), Adam Roberts (Dutch Fork Middle), Ian Ruppe (Dutch Fork Middle), Matthew Ruppe (Dutch Fork High), Dylan Sagal (Chapin Middle), Erick Sanchez (Chapin High), Josiah Sanchez (Dutch Fork Middle), Kernne Seals (Dutch Fork Middle), Sonja Smith (Dutch Fork Middle), Peyton Spivey (Irmo High), Evelyn Teraoka (Dutch Fork High), Jacob Townshend (Dutch Fork High), Anna Tucker (Chapin High), Derrick Twining (Chapin Middle), and Hadessah Wright (Irmo Middle).

Congratulations to all the District Five students who participated in the Region 2 Band clinic. Their commitment to musical excellence is commendable, and their performances undoubtedly contributed to the vibrancy of the event. Well done!

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