District Five Hosts Second Annual First Jobs Signing Day

Lexington-Richland School District Five organized its second annual First Jobs Signing Day on February 29, 2024. The First Jobs Initiative is a unique effort by the district to address the nationwide labor shortage while providing valuable work opportunities for students.

Seventeen students were hired to fill roles in various departments, including student nutrition, clerical positions, and custodial jobs. Among the participants, 11 are seniors who will be receiving First Jobs graduation cords, signifying their achievement and readiness for the workforce. Additionally, six juniors are entering their First Jobs opportunities.

The participating students from School District Five include:

  • Kayla Anderson (Clerical)
  • Jasmyn Brooks (Clerical)
  • Cyniah Currence (Clerical)
  • Jordan Dunmore (Student Nutrition)
  • Chole Howard (Clerical)
  • Preston McElwain (Clerical)
  • Emma Miller (Clerical)
  • Aniyla Pardo (Clerical)
  • Luke Pendley (Clerical)
  • Alya Rios (Clerical)
  • Lia Robinson (Clerical)
  • Camillia Ryans (Clerical)
  • Tirzah Slagle (Custodial)
  • Leo Sun (Clerical)
  • Simone Wheeler (Clerical)
  • Deanna White (Student Nutrition)
  • Joseph Whiteside (Custodial)

The initiative is designed to recognize students for their hard work and provide them with opportunities to develop valuable job skills. Career and Technical Education Coordinator Dr. Charity Simmons expressed appreciation for the Career Specialists who played a crucial role in recruiting students from each high school and ensuring their readiness for employment.

Tirzah Slagle, participating in her second First Jobs Signing Day, emphasized the opportunity to grow soft skills, work with coworkers, and learn leadership skills. She sees it as an excellent way for individuals to step up and gain valuable experience.

Superintendent Dr. Akil Ross, Sr., highlighted the growth of the program, expressing pride in having 17 students participating and recognizing the initiative as a means to meet the district’s needs while preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

The First Jobs program offers students an alternative to other jobs in the area that may involve late-night shifts, weekends, and holidays. It serves as a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth for participating students.

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