Children’s Theatre presents Finding Nemo Jr.

Columbia Children’s Theatre will present Finding Nemo Jr. This weekend.

General admission tickets are $15. Advance tickets are strongly recommended and can be bought at For more information, contact CCT at 803-691-4548.

Complete Schedule of Performances:
Friday, October 27 at 7pm
Saturday, October 28 at 2pm
Saturday, October 28 at 7pm
Sunday, October 29 at 3pm

Dive into an ocean of adventure with Columbia Children’s Theatre’s Finding Nemo Jr.

This October, embark on an underwater journey with CCT’s PB&J Players as they bring to life Disney’s Finding Nemo Jr., a 60-minute musical adaptation of the 2003 Pixar classic. With brand-new music crafted by the songwriting duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the production promises an experience for audiences of all ages.

The story will be familiar to most audiences. In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Marlin, an apprehensive clownfish, resides with his adventurous young child, Nemo, who dreams of exploring the vast ocean beyond their anemone abode. However, when Nemo is unexpectedly taken to Sydney, Marlin must summon his courage and embark on a remarkable adventure across the deep blue.

Guided by Dory, the laid-back sea turtle Crush, and the steadfast Tank Gang, Marlin and Nemo encounter numerous trials on their quest to reunite and discover their true selves. Featuring beloved songs like “Just Keep Swimming,” “Fish Are Friends Not Food,” and “Go With the Flow,” Finding Nemo Jr. transforms the stage into an underwater realm, weaving a tale of family, friendship, and daring escapades.

“Finding Nemo Jr. is great because you can really see parents’ eyes lighting up too,” said Artistic Director Jerry Stevenson. “They remember watching Finding Nemo as a kid themselves, and when they see this fresh adaptation it’s a little like getting to see it again for the first time.”

“The story is a classic, the music is fantastic, and the kids are adorable,” said Director Paul Lindley. “For any budding performer in your household, this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the CCT experience.”

For more details and inquiries contact CCT at 803-691-4548.

CCT is South Carolina’s only theatre providing both YouTheatre productions featuring young performers and Mainstage productions featuring professional actors performing for families. Finding Nemo Jr. is a CCT YouTheatre show featuring performers from the PB&J Players (grades 1-5). Over the last 17 years, thousands of young performers have come through CCT’s program, and we are excited to introduce the latest generation of the PB&J players.

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