Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club Recognizes Josh Kilgore as December Student of the Month

The Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club proudly announces Josh Kilgore, a student at Chapin Intermediate School, as the deserving recipient of the December Student of the Month award. This recognition was bestowed upon Josh at a special ceremony during the club’s meeting earlier this month, where he was presented with a commendation certificate.

Josh Kilgore’s outstanding contributions and dedication at Chapin Intermediate School have not gone unnoticed by the Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club. The Student of the Month award is a testament to his exemplary qualities, academic achievements, and positive impact within the school community.

The Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club is committed to acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of local students who embody values of leadership, community service, and academic excellence. Josh Kilgore’s recognition as the December Student of the Month reflects his commitment to these principles and sets an inspiring example for his peers.

The club extends its heartfelt congratulations to Josh Kilgore and expresses gratitude for his positive influence within Chapin Intermediate School. The Student of the Month program continues to be a meaningful way for the Chapin Sunrise Rotary Club to support and encourage the next generation of leaders in the community.

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