Chapin Intermediate School Honored with Special Flag

Chapin Intermediate School (CIS) experienced a memorable day with a special visit, receiving an exceptional recognition. On 7 February 2024, combat veterans presented the school with a flag that had been flown at supersonic speeds in an American F-1 Mirage Fighter Jet during F-35 flight training.

This prestigious flag was dedicated to Chapin Intermediate School as a symbol of appreciation for its unwavering support for the United States. The gesture highlights the crucial role played by both educators and students in shaping the next generation of American leaders.

The flag, flown in the high-speed flight of an F-1 Mirage Fighter Jet, symbolizes the commitment and dedication of the school to the principles and values of the country. The presentation underscores the school’s patriotism and recognizes its pivotal role in nurturing future leaders for the nation.

The event was commemorated with the hashtags #EarnYourWings, #ChapinIntermediate, and #CISEagles, signifying the pride and honor associated with this remarkable recognition.

Chapin Intermediate School expresses gratitude for this distinguished acknowledgment and remains committed to its role in shaping the future of American leadership.

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