Chapin Intermediate School Emerges Victorious in Learning Ally’s Great Reading Games

Students at Chapin Intermediate School have emerged triumphant in Learning Ally’s Great Reading Games, a nationwide competition designed to foster a love for reading and improve literacy skills among students.

Over a seven-week period, students from schools across the country competed to devour the most books, showcasing their dedication to the written word and their commitment to literacy. Chapin Intermediate School’s participation in the event not only demonstrated their enthusiasm for reading but also highlighted their exceptional reading stamina.

Chapin Intermediate School’s top 10 readers included: Ellison Babb, Kylee Faust, David Mangum, Viktoriia Mazur, Maddox Morris, Adelyn Othersen, Matthew Rocheleau, Kadynn Taylor, Arya Walsh-Wagner and Ethan Zheng.

“I am overwhelmed with pride to announce our victory in the national Learning Ally Great Reading Challenge,” Chapin Intermediate School Principal Brent Davis said. “The dedication and hard work of Chapin Intermediate School students and staff have truly paid off, showcasing our commitment to literacy and learning. We look forward to rewarding our staff and students with an ice cream treat and an extra recess!”

In recognition of their outstanding achievement, Chapin Intermediate School has been awarded a $500 digital gift card. This well-deserved prize serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers, and staff at Chapin Intermediate School.

Learning Ally’s Great Reading Games is a highly acclaimed event that has been proven to effectively engage students and enhance their reading skills. By offering a platform for friendly competition, the event encourages students to immerse themselves in literature and develop a lifelong passion for reading.

Learning Ally is an innovative online book and audiobook solution used to support the Universal Design of Learning. By providing accessible and engaging literary resources, Learning Ally empowers all students to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.

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