Chapin Garden Club Celebrates Arbor Day with Tree Planting Ceremony

In a longstanding tradition, the Chapin Garden Club celebrated Arbor Day on December 1, 2023, by planting a Nellie R. Stevens Holly tree, native to South Carolina, in the Chapin community. The chosen location for this year’s planting was the Chapin Theatre Company, adding a touch of natural beauty to the vibrant cultural hub. A celebration and dedication event took place on the same day, marking the occasion with community members, dignitaries, and theater enthusiasts.

The event saw the presence of The Honorable Mayor Albert Koon, who honored the Chapin Garden Club with a Proclamation, officially declaring December 1st as “Chapin Arbor Day.” Town Administrator Nicholle Burroughs accompanied Mayor Koon in recognizing the club’s commitment to enhancing the town’s greenery.

Jim DeFelice, the Director of the Chapin Theatre Company, along with several performers and staff, joined the celebration, adding a theatrical flair to the Arbor Day festivities. The Chapin Theatre Company, as the chosen site for the tree planting, symbolizes the harmonious intersection of nature and the arts.

The program featured a warm welcome from Kathy Ceruti, President of the Chapin Garden Club, who also shared insights about the Nellie R. Stevens Holly tree. The Garden Club Chaplain, Pat Wittlinger, offered a devotional and poem, while Shawn Grover provided historical facts about Arbor Day.

A heartfelt tradition of the Chapin Garden Club involves dedicating each tree in honor of members’ grandchildren and great-grandchildren born since the previous Arbor Day. This year, the Garden Club proudly recognized Eli Thomas Brush, born on October 9, 2023, and Jacob Thomas Branham Jr., born on November 21, 2023.

The Arbor Day celebration brought together community leaders, gardening enthusiasts, and supporters of the arts, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the natural beauty that enhances the town’s charm.

The Chapin Garden Club’s dedication to Arbor Day not only adds greenery to the community but also establishes a tradition of honoring new generations, creating a legacy that intertwines nature, culture, and community spirit.

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