By Sarah Ostergaard Why write about Athletics in a column about Education? Last month’s column was intended to start a conversation about the meaning of “an education.” An education should be well-rounded, to include extracurricular pursuits including but not limited to athletics. And YOU can be part of our studentContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard When considering a word I first turn to the dictionary. In this case, “an education” is defined by Merriam-Webster online as “the action or process of educating or of being educated.” Unhelpful; my 5th grade English teacher taught us not to define a word using the rootContinue Reading

A 2021 survey conducted by USC-Aiken found that SC voters do not know that homeowners do not pay school taxes on a primary residence. More than 40 percent of voters were unaware of the school tax exemption and about 33 percent incorrectly indicated there is no school tax exemption (YoungContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard Education law is a tiered system, in line with one of our nation’s founding principles: federalism. Per the 10th Amendment, education is within the purview of each of the 50 states or their local jurisdictions. The federal government does, however, play a significant role. The federal EveryContinue Reading