By Dr. Akil E. Ross, Sr.Superintendent An essential task of any leader is to ensure that the organization’s processes produce its promise. The leader continuously improves strategic plans to achieve the organization’s vision and mission. In School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties, we believe that every student shouldContinue Reading

The story of the Maasai warrior’s greeting may provide the solution to the problems ailing our public schools. The Masai tribe lives in Kenya and Northern Tanzania and have a unique greeting among its lion hunting warriors. These brave warriors greet each other by asking “Kasserian Ingera” which means “andContinue Reading

By Dr. Akil E. Ross, Sr.Superintendent I have often been asked can controversial issues be discussed in schools? Before answering this question, It is important to provide clarity about the implementation of school board policies that address Academic Freedom and Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues. School District Five of Lexington andContinue Reading